Can I buy birdseed direct from Avigrain?

answer 1 We’re sorry but no – we are manufacturers and do not have our own retail outlet. Workplace Health and Safety laws are such that we can’t have the public on our premises which are working factories not warehouses. We could sell it online or freight it to you but the cost of organising all that means that the price would be much higher than our wholesale price by the tonne. You can buy Avigrain at one of the many retailer stores who stock our products. Check out the retailers page to find the closest outlet to you. 

My seed won't sprout, is it no good?

answer 2 Many breeders believe seed which does not sprout is not suitable for feeding. This is not correct. There are many reasons why seed will not sprout; it may have been harvested at a high moisture level and after harvest dried so it can be stored safely – this seed will not sprout well; it may naturally have a low germination after a tough growing season; it may have been sterilised in order to pass quarantine rules. It does not follow that seed which will not sprout has no nutritional value, just ask any breeder from Western Australia who have to use sterilised millet due to the quarantine requirements. We do not test for germination as it would make the seed far more expensive and serve little purpose as there will be no difference to the birdseed’s performance as a feed.  For more information please email Dennis Ward at [email protected]