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Peter Dodd, Hills Budgerigar Club, Sydney

Do you have particular methods you use with your birds, such as medication, feeding, show preparation and training?

The birds are given a basic seed mix of Avigrains Budgie Blue & a small quantity of a tonic seed mix. Pairs with chicks in the nest are given an extra dish of Avigrains Peach Face mix & a soaked seed mix as well as French White millet sprays.

Glen Johnson, Hawkesbury Finch Club

Stars are not fussy in their food requirements. A good quality Finch mix is the basic requirement. I feed mine Avigrain Finch mix. To this, during the winter months, I add some canary tonic mix.

Prestidge Aviaries

I have been breeding & handraising cockatiels for over 10 years, ……..All my birds are fed on a good quality AviGrain Peachface seed mix, fresh vegetables & multigrain bread daily and vitamins.

Kate C

Fox the Australian Trill is actually very poor quality. They use the cheaper poor quality seeds mainly. A breeder would never use trill even if it came in bulk bags. I actually give my budgies Peachface Mix but that is also the same mix I give to all my birds including my Sulphurs. The brand is Avi Grain, it is a breeder mix and most of the breeders I know use it. They also have a couple of very good quality Budgerigar Mixes, a standard mix and one called Budgie Blue. Personally I think the Budgie Blue has too much Canary Seed in it, when I used Budgie Blue years ago when it was called Cardona Mix I found my birds became overweight, they lost the weight again when I went back to the standard budgie mix. Peachface mix contains Sunflower and Safflower but only 10% and is not that fattening surprisingly enough.

You can usually get Avi Grain seed from some of the better Pet Shops or Bird Shops and often they break down the large 20kg back into smaller packets of usually 2kg and 5 kg. It is also available from many Stock Feed Stores and they will often sell loose seed of whatever size you want

Feeding Macaws –

Dylan Lewis, another private bird breeder, feeds his Macaws a varied diet of pre mixed parrot mix that he gets from a company called Avigrain, a fruit and nut mix without the shell, shelled nuts including almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts, a vegetable mix of all types of vegetable with liquid calcium on it and muesli.

Hillfarm Lady QLD

Quality feeds…I find Kewpie make the most excellent pullet grower, i use turkey starter for chicks. AviGrain have a brilliant grain mix I use for scratch. And of course for my layers I use a top laying pellet too.

Anna, Victoria

I went to my local produce store and asked them to get some Red Hen or Barastoc in for me but the manager convinced me to try the Avigrain products. I took a bag home and haven’t looked back. I’m paying $15.80 for a 20kg bag of ‘all grain’ which is very good value but the best thing is there is no waste. There’s no dust or weird looking bits of grain. The girls love it. In the end I decided that it really suits my chooks and me, I don’t have to travel far to get it and it’s good value. I’ve been using Avigrain for 6 months and the eggs are great, the chicks are healthy, the hens are healthy.