Avigrain At Home

Parrot Muesli

Available in 1kg & 3kg bags

Avigrains famous Trippo Mix supercharged with fruit & nuts
Suitable for all Asian, Australian & South American Parrots

Contains the following:
Grey Striped Sunflower, Paw-paw, Safflower, Banana Chips, Sultanas, Chilies, Almonds, Peanut in Shell, Dried Apples, Snow White Pumpkin Seeds, Sun-Dried Tomatos, Peanuts, Dried Carrot, Sunflower Kernels, Dried peach, Raisins, Rolled Oats, Cranberries, Pepitas, Coconut Flakes, Currants, Peas, Millet Puffs, Linseed, Diced Hazelnuts, Quinoa Puffs, Diced Walnuts, Cashews